English Class august 10th

English Class august 10th


Dear students, the following are the instructions for our english Class!

PURPOSE: To get to know the modals of speculation and its importance when talking about the past .

  1. Aliens slideshare: https://es.slideshare.net/vipindorle/aliens-45250683
  2. Workbook pages  142-143
  3. In Pairs…write down  and try a role play  conversation in which a tv or radio reporter interviews an eyewitness to a paranormal event, such as telekinesis, supernatural creature, werewolf, zombies and so on.
  4. Evidence must be sent by the end of the afternoon to my e-mail: amarcampestre@gmaiil.com
  5. DEADLINE: august 10th 6:00 p.m.

Bunches of kisses!

I love you!



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