English Class intrucctions

September 7th

Hi Kids, I hope you are doing well 


During this English class hour (9:55 to 10:45), we are going to develop the following activities:


  1. Read the information on page 74.
  2. Solve exercise 1 (page 75) which is about choosing the right option (a, b, or c) 
  3. In exercise 3 (page 75), listen to audio 27 and complete the personal information for each person. Their age, days, schedule. 
  4. Continue to page 76. In here you must read the text about Finland and complete the information required in exercises 1 and 2. 
  5. To develop exercise 3 (page 77), listen to audio 28. 
  6. Finally, listen to audio 29 to check and correct your answers. 


IMPORTANT: The audio files are attached to this post 

Any doubt, hit me up on hangouts.


See you and take care 


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